Adonite Swiss Open Final Results
Date: Lundi, octobre 05 @ 08:54:40 CEST
Topic: Regatta

25 participants from 6 nations. No races on Friday, 4 races on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday. Since Aeolus has not been very generous, all have been raced in light wind. 6 races and 6 different winners. The 2015 Adonite 5O5 Swiss Open was extremely disputed. The first 3 teams are within 2 points.

Saturday night, the Danish team Jan Saugmann/ Jakob Karbo was leading the fleet. Nikolaj Hoffmann Buhl/ Henrik Buhl had 10 points, ex equo with the French Philippe Boite / Florian Corbel. The Swiss CÚdric Bart / Laurent Grob and Caroline Jacot / Philippe Jacot were closely following with 5 points.

Sunday morning, as expected, the Wind was extremely light and had turned West. May be the two Danish teams had a certain amount of pressure since they could virtually return home with 6 KCHF of prize money in hand. In every case, they both killed their chance in the two races of the day by either a bad start or either by choosing the wrong side of the race course.

Boite / Corbel were very inspired in the first race and, despite the fact that they were seriously threatened by the Swiss Bart / Grob they are a good option for the final victory. In seconded round, the Swiss Caroline Jacot / Philippe Jacot lead from start to finish followed by Bart / Grob. Although he started on the wrong side Boite / Corbel came back and managed to finish third while ensuring the final victory in front of Bart / Grob, second and Jacot / Jacot Third.

With a 7 and a 8, Jan and Jakob dropped at the 5th place overall. Nikolaj and Henrik, with 2 time 5th dropped at the 4th place overall.

1. FRA 9075 - Boite/Corbel 14 pts
2. SUI 9096 - Bart / Grob 15 pts
3. SUI 9147 - Jacot / Jacot 15pts
4. DEN 9128 - Hoffman Buhl / Buhl 20 pts
5. DEN 9112 - Saugmann - Karbo 22 pts

During his speech, Philippe Boite pointed out the fact that the races have been extremely intensive but fair. The Prize Money gave therefore its desired effect.

Final results

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